Intercultural mediation

The intercultural mediator is a social worker who facilitates communication with the aim of removing cultural and language barriers, enhancing the value of a person’s own culture, promoting the host culture, achieving social and economic integration, and ensuring the exercise of rights and observance of the duties of citizenship.

The intercultural mediator on the one hand facilitates the expression of the needs of foreign clients while helping to channel the features, resources and connections of service providers on the other, suggesting services and working with the agencies/staff of the private and public services.

He or she has a good knowledge of Italian and/or German, a good knowledge of the mother tongue or the language chosen to achieve the mediation goals, a good knowledge of the cultural norms of the immigration group of reference and of the situational environment of the activities. He or she has appropriate communication, relational and conflict management skills.

SAVERA offers intercultural mediation services and initiatives in the following areas:

  • School and culture
  • Social and health matters
  • Training, guidance and work
  • Advice
  • Research & development

As of 2013, SAVERA now runs and coordinates the intercultural mediation service in all schools of every type and grade that teach in the Italian and German languages in the Province of Bolzano (

This service is available in the following languages:

Arab – Berber

Albanian – Bosnian – Bulgarian – Croatian – Macedonian – Romany – Serbian – Slovenian

Bangla – Chinese – Dari – Farsi (Persian) – Hindi – Japanese – Kurdish – Philippine – Punjabi – Pashto – Tamil – Thai – Turkish – Urdu

Armenian – Czech – Hungarian – Latvian – Moldavian – Polish – Romanian – Russian – Slovakian – Ukrainian

English – French – Portuguese – Spanish

Amharic – Mandinka – Pular – Tigrinya – Wolof