Intercultural education

School is a cross-section of society that reproduces its mechanisms, dynamics and contradictions, sometimes in a rather more extreme way than elsewhere.

There are three major areas of educational work that today face the direct challenge of providing appropriate theoretical and methodological responses: the teaching of integration, of intercultural issues and of anti-racism.

The SAVERA cooperative proposes certain projects in laboratory form with the aim of raising students’ awareness of intercultural matters, of diversity, of preventing prejudice, of facilitating the integration of foreign pupils, and of valuing the knowledge and skills of foreign nationals.

The SAVERA cooperative also offers secondary school classes (first and second grades) teaching laboratories for anti-racist education that address discrimination with the aim of:

  • educating students towards a non-racist culture;
  • stimulating reflection on the topic of equality/diversity;
  • aiding students to empathise with the exclusion and hardship facing those who, for whatever reason, are different.